New Jersey Leadership Team Local
Saturday, March 7th, 2020

Olivia Li
(18k – 25k in a 4-wk period)


Prior to Market America, I used to work in financial services. Even though I was making six-figures right when I graduated from Columbia University, I realized I was only trading 80 hours a week for temporary income and I had no control.

I am so grateful to my mom, Min Liu, who chose Market America 11 years ago, was able to pay for my Columbia Tuition and change our entire family’s life. When I was introduced to ma® five years ago, the energetic, ambitious, goal-driven people really inspired me. At my first International Convention when I saw JR and the Corporate Team’s passion, I began to dream again! I cam back and completely changed myself, gained tremendous personal growth, and started to think, talk, and act like an entrepreneur. Thanks to the UnFranchise® System, I was able to quit my job and become financial free at the age of 23! I believe the retirement should never be based on your age; it is based on your financial situation. ma has given me the opportunity to have total control of the rest of my life as a creator and a young entrepreneur.

As a young Shop Consultant, I knew I had a lot of challenges to overcome and I needed to prove to the rest of my generation that we can also achieve the same success if we have the drive and dedication. I had no connection, no credibility, and no background in business. However, I saw these factors as motivation to do more. I knew in order to be successful, I must follow successful people and leverage the NMTSS. By growing personally, becoming a people person, and a presentable and influential speaker, I know making money is only a matter of time.

At the same time, we also realized that only action creates results. We needed to step out of our comfort zone and really take a massive amount of action. So I forced myself to become a proactive doer. It’s all about productivity, not activity. The result was obvious, I was able to jump from Executive Coordinator to Master to Professional to Supervising Coordinator within nine months. What you set in motion will carry in motion. Now I am a young Director!

Now is the best time for ma and SHOP.COM, and we are really creating the economy of future. There are so many college students and young professionals out there who have dreams and goals, but don’t know how to achieve them. ma is the best vehicle for them. It’s a proven successful system to follow for any average person with powerful training system to support.

ma is not just a business, it’s an opportunity. It has become everything. I have made the most amazing lifetime friends and partners in this business, and I cannot describe how much I appreciate everyone for sharing the same passion and vision. I appreciate all of my team leaders for always leading in front, raising my altitude for success, making me a better person everyday. Thanks to everyone in my team who always believed in me and demonstrated so much dedication. Thanks to my mom, Min Liu, for giving and changing my life. Last but not least, I want to thank JR and the entire Corporate Team for making everything possible.


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