New Jersey Leadership Team
NJLT Council Members

We wanted to thank all of our current NJLT Council members and all of the hard work they put in to help grow this area and keep it running smoothly.

(Links are available for some of our council members’ personal websites)
Andrea Correa – Paramus
Benson Chen – Paramus Local Coordinator
Beverly Ku – Paramus
Chevy Rennals – Paramus
Gigi Souritzidis – Paramus
Jerry Bednarski – Paramus UBP Coordinator
Jessica Michaud – Paramus
Jonathan Rodriguez – Paramus
Kazumi Maenza – Paramus
Kit Wong-Khoo – Local Challenge Coordinator, Paramus
Lewis Petty – Paramus
Liz Smith – Central Jersey
Moe Kemradge – Paramus
Nancy Johnson – Central Jersey
Roger Yin – Central Jersey
Shelly Mack – Paramus
Susan Markowitz – Central Jersey UBP Coordinator
Tara Repsher – Paramus

We are always looking for energetic individuals that help out the Local NJ area. The New Jersey Leadership Council (NJLC) is comprised of the members from the Unfranchise Business Presentation (UBP) Councils. Please contact your local UBP Coordinator to express interest in being part of their UBP council. We have limited space on the council, but are always looking for the sharpest individuals to be apart of it.

Here is a suggested path for you to become part of the council.

  1. Let your local UBP Coordinator know you are interested.
  2. Show up at your local UBP consistently for support.
  3. Volunteer to help out in one of the positions or whatever they need.
  4. As you are seen more and more frequently, your UBP Coordinator will take note and when there is a position open or at the end of the year, they re-evaluate their present council, you will be taken into consideration. We down-sized our councils since last year, because everyone stepped up their game.
  5. We are looking to grow and possibly open more UBPs, so the teams might split and we will certainly need more UBP Council members as well.
  6. Finally, after you are approved to be on the UBP Council, you will fill out an application so that we can print out your badge and there is a annual membership fee of only $80 per person, which includes your 1-year UBP Entrance to your designated UBP.
  7. As a UBP Council member, you are automatically part of our Local Council, but please realize before joining the UBP Council, there are additional requirements to be on the Local Council that you should take into consideration. There are Tremendous benefits to be on the UBP and Local Council, please inquire.
  8. Please make sure you contact the Local Coordinator or UBP Coordinator to see what all is involved to be on the Local Council. You can reach the Local Coordinator, Benson Chen 646-510-1709 or at

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For more information about the website or upcoming events, contact:
Local Coordinator, Benson Chen
(646) 510-1709