New Jersey Leadership Team
Special Access

Below are the special pricing for your Local Event tickets. You can purchase as many sets of 4 that you want as a NJLT Council member.

Also, at the beginning of the year, this page is used for the annual membership dues.


Single local seminar ticket purchase – $30

4 Local Seminar Tickets Purchase – $100

3 Mideast Regional Ticket Purchase – $225


  • You must be a Coordinator* or higher to join the Association and receive Association Member Benefits.
  • Membership fee is $100.00 per person, renewable annually. There is no prorating of these dues.
  • Association Members are required to purchase a minimum of 4 tickets ($100) to Local Seminars which members will pick up at the previous seminar. Failure to pay or pick up your tickets at the that event may result in forfeiting your tickets if we need them for other distributors. If you continually forfeit the purchase of these tickets, you may be removed from your local UBP council and the Local Council.
  • Association Members are required to purchase a minimum of 3 tickets ($70×3 = $210) to Mideast Regional Convention.
  • Association Members can attend the local seminars for FREE.
  • Association Members are required to assist in their designated UBP Area as per UBP Coordinators.
  • Association Members can bring unlimited guests for FREE to their designated UBPs ($80 of your membership went towards this).
  • On the Friday night UBP, the UBP Coordinator designated to run the show, their respective UBP team is exempt from paying for the $5 due that night.
  • Association Members will receive a personalized Leadership Association Badge.
  • Association Members with tickets will have VIP Registration at Local Seminars – no waiting in lines!
  • Association Members will have early admittance to the room at Local Seminars to obtain seating.
  • Association Members will be invited to participate in corings held with the guest speaker(s).
  • Association Members will choose a team to participate in: A – Administration, P – Physical or S – Speaker.
  • Association Members can participate in quarterly Association meetings as well as social events scheduled throughout the year.

You can opt to mail a check directly to Yardley Wang at:

19 Marisa Court
West Milford, NJ 07480

Single NJLT Membership – $100

For more information about the website or upcoming events, contact:
Local Coordinator, Yardley Wang
(973) 208-7740