New Jersey Leadership Team
NJ Local Challenge

Go for the challenge! It’s a stepping stone to build your Market America business. Just by making the commitment, you will take your business to the next level. All requirements below need to be done within the challenge period (Please check on Facebook for the latest challenge at

  • Purchase 3 tickets for next Local Seminar
  • Customers purchase 4 product pkgs promotions or 400 BVs worth of MA products
  • $600 personal purchases from partner stores
  • Sponsor 2 qualified distributors
  • Attend 2 UBPs with at least one guest each
  • Conduct 4 Portal Tours to friends/family/guests
  • Conduct/Host 4 Retail event with at least 2 guests or more (either for your team or for yourself) – Email photo of event to
  • Print out worksheet and email it along with documentation to Kit Wong Khoo (Link for challenge paperwork below)

Make the commitment and go for the challenge!

Any questions, please contact Kit Wong-Khoo at (201) 232-2208 or

For more information about the website or upcoming events, contact:
Local Coordinator, Benson Chen
(646) 510-1709