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Below are helpful links for your MA business. If you have any suggestions on additional links to be added, please click HEREto submit the website address and what the website is for.

NJ State Sales Tax Link

Here is a collection of Facebook Groups and Fan Pages that we recommend you connect with. Go ahead and click on each one and “LIKE” their page to stay updated with the latest information from Market America and SHOP.COM

** With Fan Pages just click “LIKE”
** With Groups, you will need to “Request To Join”

** BigAl’s Training Group ** – A Must for every distributor. Get access to over 3,900 other MA distributors where you can ask questions and get involved.


Below are helpful videos for your MA business.

YouTube Market America
Market America’s YouTube account will all the MA videos

2012 International Convention – Video Streams ~ Click Here

2012 World Conference – Video Streams ~ Click Here

2011 International Convention – Video Streams ~ Click Here

Young Entrepreneurs

Benson Chen –

Cheyn Crangle –

Greg Bohenko –

Zack Doyle –

Olivia Li –

Annie Chow –


Stories From People Making Money

The Julie Scholl Story –

The Lisa and Edward Grant Story –

The Andy Docos Story –

The Norm and Mary Roth Story –

The Jim and Mimi Litterelle Story –

The Heikes Family Story –

The Melissa Conley Story –

The Frank and Gingie Keefer Story –

The Vikki Lee Story –

The Elizabeth Weber Story –

The Cullin Haskins Story –

The Tony and Pam Bowling Story –

The Kevin Buckman Story –

The Lisa Lieberman and Yardley Wang Story –

The Kelly and Vicki Whited Story –

The Big Al and Debbie Yentsch Story –

The Arlene Lowy Story –

Paul Carlotta –

Nina Hale –

Jacki Blasko –

Lisa and Jim Winkler –

Amber Yang –

The Renee LaPorte Story –

Tammy Moskowitz –

Amy Liu –

Lisa Wun –

Richard Gorbaty – Works in the Insurance/benefits business –

Paul & Vicki Hildebrand – Salon & Spa Owners –

Videos from Former Nurses

Gigi Souritzidis from Salisbury MD worked at PRMC now earns $18,000 to $25,000 in four weeks

Lynn Mitschke was a Nurse now earn $18,000 to $25,000 in four weeks

Penny Lafferty was a nurse from Philly now earns $18,000 to $25,000 in four weeks

MA / SHOP.COM Videos

SHOP.COM Gives Holiday Peace of Mind (Consultant) –

SHOP.COM Gives Holiday Peace of Mind (Customer) –

ma Mobile: Bar Code Scanner –

ma Mobile: Custom Deal Notifications –

Shop, Save, and Earn Cashback at SHOP.COM –

Live the Lifestyle with Motives –

How To: Installing the ma Network Facebook Application –

SHOP.COM (Shop Consultant Overview) –

SHOP.COM (Customer Overview) –

Market America & SHOP.COM Integration –

Market America: Live the Dream –

ShopBox – / Integration –

Live the Lifestyle with Motives by Loren Ridinger (Extended Version) –

Motives: Fall Into Beauty –

Simply MA Cashback –

Yours By Loren –

Yours By Loren: HSN Sizzle Reel –

Unemployment Nirvana –

Market America CashBack Program vs The Competition –

Market America CashBack Program Up to 50% Cash Back –

Market America Where Brand Meets Talent –

Market America Director’s Day 2010 –

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