New Jersey Leadership Team Local
Saturday, March 17th, 2018

Quimby & Nick Franovich
Supervising Coordinators
($7,500 – 10k in a 4-wk period)


It is absolutely amaziing to think that it has been only under two years since my wife and I became unfranchise owners. This revolutionary company has surrounded us with great friends, sharp skills and an asset that will continue to bless us.
The product brokerage concept and the binomial marketing plan drove me to chase this business. I was not lucky enough to have someone ask me to take a look at this company. Meeting Tom Holden and respecting his lifestyle led me to ask what he had experienced in his life to create his lifestyle. After two words wore spoken, Market America, I spent the next for two weeks researching the company and spent the following two begging him to teach and sponsor me. After being retired for years, I was blessed to have Tom go back to work and sponsor me. Being in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years, with a long run as a medical massage therapist, nutrition coach and personal trainer, I had a great understanding of health and nutrition. After returning as a therapist, I was introduce to Isotonix OPC-3®. I am proud to say that it lights my fire to be able to help others see the light. With a company built on product and powered by people, and a marketing plan that is nothing short of genius on my side, I wake up excited everyday knowing that I will either improve someone’s health or their finances.

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