New Jersey Leadership Team Local - Saturday March 18th, 2017


Amber Yang

Senior Executive Field Vice President
(Earning $63k-80k in a 4-week period)


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We came to this country 15 years ago to pursue higher education and a better life. Twelve years later, with three master's degrees between us, we found ourselves in a rat race with no way out. Our situation kept getting worse and worse.

We became more depressed and started losing hope. We evaluated other opportunities to try to get out of our difficult situation, but our options were very limited. We lost all our money in the stock market and had no money to start anything, and we didn't have any experience to begin additional careers. We couldn't afford any risks because of our mortgage, car payment, student loans and two kids to raise.

At our most desperate time, our dear friend Liu Min shared this business opportunity with us. We jumped in right away, not because we understood right away (we are still learning now), but simply because it offered some tax benefits.

We then attended Chinese Boot Camp and International Convention in 2003. We started to treat our Market America business as a real business and worked the system. Market America's UnFranchise® System is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, especially for ordinary people who don't have a lot of money or time.

We've done three things consistently. First, we attend as many trainings as we can, and we never miss major events. The NMTSS is crucial to this business, so we take it seriously. Second, we apply what we learn in those trainings. Taking action is important. Third, we take as many people as we can to those trainings so they can learn what we learned.

We want to thank JR and the Corporate Team who make this business possible. We also want to thank our business partners. We have the best team in Market America.

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