New Jersey Leadership Team
Local - Saturday September 19th, 2015


Sarah & Ryan Stack

Supervising Coordinators
(Earning $7,500-10k in a 4-week period)


"We encourage you to start dreaming again. Begin to discover how colorful life can actually be! "

SHOP.COM powered by Market America has provided us with the perfect vehicle to achieve our dreams and provide a lifestyle for our family.

When we started out in the business, we were in a "need" situation. As a young couple finishing college — and expecting our first child — we needed to find better financial and time solutions... fast. We went from being teachers of music and dance to becoming "students of ma®." As a result of being coachable, we have been able to leave our full-time jobs, teach on a part-time basis for enjoyment, and provide a lifestyle for our family.

We have had great mentorship and gained lifelong friends through this business. It’s truly a people-driven business and there are leaders to help you not only achieve your dreams, but also to identify them. Too many people forget to dream and get stuck wasting their time in what starts to feel like an endless day of boring, unrewarding and lifeless nonsense. Other people — like our former selves — get caught up in working so hard for everybody else and end up putting themselves last. You have the chance to break free of all that was holding you back and literally create your own future.

Market America has provided a lifestyle for our family. It doesn't just pay our bills; it's given us our time back. We feel so blessed to be true parents and to be so extraordinarily present in our kids' lives. As musicians and artists, we have had the opportunity to perform and be creative. Our children accompany us and participate in the beautiful things that the world has to offer on a daily basis. Another gem that Market America has put in our pocket is our passion for learning, for growth and for team. This opportunity is extraordinary in nature — you become successful by helping others to become successful. Even college, professional shows and other great experiences do not compare to the training and way of thinking that we have gained from this company.

Appreciation of a full life is of the utmost importance and our family benefits from this lesson every day. Our two sons see us live our lives every day to be happy with them. We are not tied down by someone going to work every day — we are there for them and don't miss a thing! We follow happiness everywhere. We teach our children, students and new business partners to do the same. As a result, we have wonderful people in our lives, go wonderful places and teach other people how they to can live a life they love. We encourage you to start dreaming again. Begin to discover how colorful life can actually be!


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