New Jersey Leadership Team
Local - Saturday June 13th, 2015


Tom & Brandy Holden

Executive Directors
(Earning $25k-36k in a 4-week period)


"Go out and make it happen for you and your family. Let’s do it together.

It’s only a matter of time!"

We’d like to first Thank God for this opportunity that has changed our lives and the lives of thousands!!! Partnering with Market America over 18 years ago was the best decision I ever made!! As at the time I was filled with much uncertainty bc of all the failure in my life in prior business opportunities. I was currently working 80-100 hours a week as a roofer to make ends meat. However, the desperation for change propelled me to take a look at what my good friend David Whited was sharing with me. We sat for six hours over a cup of coffee and both determined that we were going to look at this with the mindset of how we could NOT make money trying. After getting started and working the 2-3 year plan we were already at six figures. Which changed life dramatically!!   After reaching what I felt was the mountain top, life through me a set of curves finding out that my wife came down with cancer and both my brother and sister were terminally ill I made the decision to take care of my family. Thanks to Market America I was able to maintain a six figure income and spend all the time with the people that mattered the most. After loosing my wife to cancer I found myself a single dad raising five children. Trying to figure out what to do in life moving forward I truly found that I was in a comfort zone like I had never been before. This is when I met my wife Brandy. When we met I was surprised to find out that her back ground had also been in Network Marketing with a strong sales and leadership roll with Mary Kay Cosmetics. After much discussion about business and comparing our history in the business world. Brandy was so excited about the compensation plan and how the business was designed to help others that she then challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and start fresh on my Market America journey. At that time we began to have people inquiring about what we did for a living and wanting to hear about it. This truly opened my eyes to the idea that all this time Market America had taken care of me and now it was time to give back!! Brandy and I joined forces and put our feet to faith and began to grow our Market America business together with the mindset that all we did would be to bless and serve others! In just a short time making the decision to go to work & to work with passion has proved to be an answer to our prayer!! Thanks Market America & thank you God!!!

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