New Jersey Leadership Team
Local – Saturday June 21st, 2014


Cheyn Crangle

Supervising Coordinator
(Earning $7,500-10k in a 4-week period)


“Never over promise, be blunt and don’t be weird. The three codes I live by for building a successful business.” 

At the age of 24, I was serving Active duty as a Marine Corps Recruiter in Milwaukee, WI. I was living pay check to pay check, barely getting by and bar tended on the side to pay for most bills. Previously, I had been an UnFranchise Owner for around six months and done nothing with my business.

In August 2010 I made the definitive decision that Market America would be my future and turned down my re-enlistment in the Marines, giving myself 15 months to match my full-time income. Under three years later, I achieved the Pin Level of Supervising Coordinator. I have been recognized as the Northern Region’s Top Recruiter for 2012 and 2013, and Market America’s Top Organizational Builder for 2013,

My goal is to stick true to the “old school” fundamentals, while implementing the power of technology and social media.

Having personally sponsored over 40 new business partners in the last 25 months, I look forward to training UnFranchise Owners on practical information that they can implement immediately to achieve success with their business.


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