New Jersey Leadership Team Local - Saturday January 9th, 2016


Charles Baer

Executive Director
(Earning $25k-36k in a 4-week period)


We wish everyone could experience the relief of financial pressures and spend a lot of quality time with their kids.

Before our association with Market America, my wife and I were still in the rat race. I was in the financial service field and my wife worked at the local college. We saw our kids and went to their events when we could. Life today is much different.

There is no question that Market America is the best vehicle for independent financial success available today. You need to believe in yourself and Market America. Set your goals and allow yourself to dream again. Dedicate yourself to learn and master the Basic Five. Take control of your future or someone else will.

Our experience with Market America keeps getting better and better. Recently honored with membership on the 2005 Dream Team, it is our charge and our pleasure to share this experience with others and teach how you can live a better and more financially secure life with Market America.

Remember, the only thing that limits your prospects for success is yourself. Through hard work, dedication, belief in yourself and in Market America, everyone has the same potential for success. It's all up to you!

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