New Jersey Leadership Team Local - Saturday October 8th, 2016


April Ritchotte

National Supervising Coordinator
(Earning $10k-15k in a 4-week period)


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As professionals in the healthcare and fitness industries, we could help others and follow our passions, but would never create wealth — or time.

Scott and I both have backgrounds in healthcare from working in head injury rehabilitation at a neurobehavioral program. We became accustomed to working 60 hours per week because, aside from our salary jobs, we both worked part-time in a small business providing nutritional consultation, personal training and massage therapy. When we started this business, we had little time, no business experience and not much discretionary income. We felt like we were the right people in the wrong system because we just could not get ahead. Initially, we started this business for small income as we felt that would take the edge off and give us a chance to get out of debt. It became more than our original goal because the business has a powerful system to help you succeed

Whenever we want to create additional income, there is a mathematical path to achieve our goal. Where else can you have that kind of control over your income, despite what is happening in the economy? Scott was skeptical at first, but as most people find out, the more you try and poke a hole in this business model, the more you find out how viable it is. Neither of us had a lot of extra time. We were both working multiple jobs and have three children, but we knew that if we did not make a change, nothing would ever change. We weaved this business into our lives in small blocks of time and leveraged the trainings to help us build a team of entrepreneurs. We did not need any previous business experience. We believe that this business is the model that other businesses will try to copy. It is because of Market America/SHOP.COM that I am able to be home with my children while I continue to build our business. We have only touched the surface of where we can take our income, but have also come to realize that we are creating an asset, not just an income. This system works if you follow it.

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